When will the expansion of Masjid al Haram be finished?

Ninety-five percent of a project to expand the circumambulation (tawaf) area around the Holy Kaaba (Mataf) has been completed.

As a result of this expansion construction, the capacity of the Holy Kaaba will rise to 3.5 million people from two million.

The ground of Mataf will be extended by sixty percent as a result of the expansion. 

The administration of Masjid al Haram takes all measures to protect all pilgrims from the demolition dust and prevent all negative side effects against pilgrims due to the building work around the Kaaba.

The increasing number of visitors for either Hajj and Umrah has been causing crowd problems in recent years, especially for Ramadan and the Hajj season.

The current capacity of Mataf is around 770,000 people. Once the expansion is complete, Saudi officials are planning to increase this number to 1,200,000 for the Mataf area. Furthermore, officials note that the Hajj capacity might rise to four million at the conclusion of all the building work in Mecca.