Where is the Thawr Mountain and what makes it important?

Thawr Mountain is located 5km south of Mecca.The height of the mountain is 1,405 m (4,610 ft) but consists of many lower hills. During the HijrahMuhammad and Abu Bakr took refuge and stayed three days in this cave. 

When Muslim people started the Hijrah to Madinah, mushriks were worried whether the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) took a lead Medinah state and made a decision to prevent the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) Hijrah. They planned to kill him as a group which consisted of some young people from every clan in Quraysh. By doing so, mushriks thought that the clan of Banu Hashim would not attempt to claim feud against them. 

When the Prophet had been informed about the assassination plan, he went to Abu Bakr’s home and planned their route to the Hijrah. They talked and dealt with a guide who knew the routes between Mecca and Medinah to bring the camels and meet with them in the Thawr mountain three days later. After that, the Prophet (peace be upon him) went back to his home and requested to lie down in his bed from Ali. After the sun had gone down, he went back to Abu Bakr’s home. In the middle of the night, they moved off to the Thawr mountain to hide in the cave.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) deliberately chose the Thawr mountain, in the opposite direction from Medinah, to surprise the mushriks because they were expecting to find him on the route to Medinah. Therefore, they did not pay attention to the southern areas. In this way, the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) escaped from the intense chase and gained rest and time until it subsided.